Choosing the correct agency for you!


Why should you choose a recruitment agency to help you hire your future employees?

A recruitment agency will allow the hiring process for the employer to have a successful outcome and a stress-free process, employment agencies will take over with their highly skilled and educated knowledge to place a candidate who is well suited for that particular role.

According to independent research, it is known that around two in five which is equivalent to around 39% of businesses realise they have hired the wrong person within two weeks of hire. This is why recruitment agencies will allow this percentage to decrease and also lower the significant impact of a new employee who affects an organisation in multiple ways.

How to decide on the best recruitment agency for you?

Go for several interviews with different companies to gain your final decision. When choosing an agency ask yourself these questions;

  1. Does this agency focus on the industry you want to go into?
  2. Will they provide you with your dream role?
  3. Are they reliable?
  4. What type of environment does the agency work in? – This will say a lot about the roles they work with.

Once you have found the best agency for you, gaining new vacancies will become easier each time. Your recruiter will understand your needs and talents and from their it will be in their hands.

What is the price scale of a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agency pricing will all depend on the ability of the agency you choose to work with. While some recruitment agencies may have reasonable prices on the surface, this may provide some insight into the depth of their talent pool or their levels of service. While, professional global recruitment companies and executive search firms might have higher fees but are far more likely to be able to access quality talent which isn’t available to everyone, as well as provide long-term customer service to both their candidates and hiring managers.