How to write a successful CV

Why is creating a professional CV so important?

Professionalism is the key goal when creating a CV, it will boost your chance of gaining an interview with the company’s hiring manager and reaching your dream role. If not, then your application most likely will not even get a second look at!

Below are a few of our tips that we would like to share with you to help boost your chances of gaining your dream role:

Tailor it!

Adapting your CV to the role/ sector of the industry will always help your chances of gaining an interview

Make it stand out!

When creating your CV, it should demonstrate your distinctive qualities and experience’s. To achieve this goal, we recommend that you provide any unique pieces of information that could put you a step forward on the list!

Here are a few examples; Problem resolutions? Achievements? Languages? Travel experience?

Keep it sweet and simple!

If your CV is full of writing, then employer may not even to both looking at it! Make sure you include detailed, important information sentences that can replace the long paragraphs of writing.
Make sure the font and size of your writing is the same throughout your work. When using subheadings make sure there are equal spaces underneath so that there is a clear diversion between the subheadings and your personal details.

Double Check!

Errors are a major problem when creating your CV, leaving these errors could cause your future employer to create a bad picture in their head before they have even met you!

Update it!

There is nothing worse than not updating your CV, it looks unprofessional and unorganised. New phone number? …replace your old number. New email? … replace it! New career? Add it onto your experience!

Fill the Gap!

Left a gap on your CV? Fill it in and be truthful… redundancy? Personal decision? Either way you will be asked during your interview, it will make the employers suspicious and more curious and will not give a good impression as they will think your hiding something.

Honesty is the best Policy!

Employers will always find out the truth! Especially when it comes to checking your references and background.

If you need any further help on how to write a successful CV, please reach out to us on 0207 626 6065.

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