Key skills employers look for

cer Financial recommend that you fill your CV up with vital information about yourself.

Finding it hard to think about your key skills? Ask your current employer, friends or a family member. Having short, informative and precise skills can help boost your chances of attending an interview for your dream career!

Problem solving skills — Your possible future employers will look for someone with a creative skill to resolve a problem, the best way to approach this is to use key examples of previous experiences and the method you used to deal with this problem

Teamwork — Being able to work in teams with other colleagues is huge advantage in a work environment as it shows good communication with a clear understanding of knowledge. Also, being able to work independently is a bonus as it shows you’re a hard worker with ambitions and determination.

Ability to learn — Companies are always changing and progressing, employers will look for someone who can learn and adapt to new things and environments.

Work values — Loyalty, positivity, confidence and honesty are valued qualities an employer will look for in a future employee.

Academic Math — Although most jobs don’t require Math, however majority of jobs would require the ability to read and comprehend math.

Communicating — Whether its face to face communication or on the phone, this is a main skill that will allow a company to grow with no barrier of communication.

Leadership and management skills — The ability to take charge and manage your co-workers, if required, is a welcome trait. Most employers look for signs of leadership qualities.

Technical skills — Employers will provide training on job-specific software that they use, they also expect employees to be able to use basic computer skills/ software. (Microsoft, Excel etc).

Personal skills — The ability and confidence to plan and manage tasks, ability to set priorities and adapt to different conditions and work tasks.