Telephone tips for an interview


Being 100% prepared for any interview is good way to start off.
Writing a list of main things, you know you would need to inform your future employer on. This will give you a confident and organised attitude throughout, knowing you won’t regret not saying anything important once the phone call has ended.
Research the company as much as you can and the role you aspire to have just like as you would when going for a face-to-face interview.

Why is using a mobile phone a bad idea?

You will not be guaranteed a strong signal strength and battery length, you may also get distracted if someone was to text you or call you.
By using a landline, you know that all these things will be covered.


What you are going to wear will not be able to create a good first impression this time! Therefore, it is so important to be confident and sell yourself in the correct way. Be polite and use your manners to create a good image with knowledge and experience as this is the only way you can increase your chances to gaining another interview.

Listen carefully

Not being able to understand the words and the meaning carefully are the biggest disadvantage to a phone call interview.
Misunderstanding could be a huge downfall to your interview, the employers can take it as being uninterested and unprepared. The same also goes for yourself, make sure you pronounce your words clearly and slowly.

Have a note book

Writing down notes is the best way to understand and read back onto the interview after. It is also a good way to create questions that you can ask when its your time to ask, by not asking questions after can give a bad impression cer Financial recommend to candidates to ask questions.
Whether it’s about the company and its history or the interviewers personal experience and journey.

Dress Smart!

It may sound strange… but dressing like you would when having an interview will help you mentally stay in a professional zone and perform professionally. By doing this will help you stay focused throughout.